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Lawyer SEO

Every day 3.5 billion Google searches are completed. Out of those searches, 91.5% of the generated traffic goes to the first page of Google search results. Is your law firm on that first page? If it isn’t, then you are missing out. Personal injury lawyer SEO is a vital resource for attracting new clients online. If you are not visible online, you are not open!

Just a couple of decades ago, an ad in the Yellow Pages was all it took for a law firm to get clients. A few larger firms may have run TV, radio, or bus ads. These days, most personal injury law firms rely heavily on their online SEO (search engine optimization) marketing toolkit, and you should too if you want to grow your client base. The businesses ranked first on Google are not thereby luck or accident; they have strong SEO value propelling them into that spot.

What is SEO?

Ever wonder how search results get ranked? They are placed based on credibility, search engine friendliness, reputation, and content. These factors all combine to create their search engine optimization ranking, otherwise known as SEO. If you want your law firm to be at the top of your demographic’s search results, then you need to beef up your lawyer SEO marketing.

Unsure how to do that? That is okay; we know you have a lot going on fighting for your clients. Trendi Marketing is glad to step in and tackle your practice’s SEO needs and help you get more clients. When done right, the effects of proper SEO are undeniable.

The top search ranking on Google receives33% of all web traffic. The second position receives 18%, and the numbers drop significantly from there. Here is how to get to that coveted top position.

Competitive Digital Analysis

Lawyer SEO requires careful attention to detail, strategy, and regular maintenance. It is best to start with a competitive digital analysis to understand where you are and where you need to go. The first task is to identify your competitors and compare your digital presence against theirs. Pinpoint your strong suits and weak areas that need addressing.

As part of this analysis, you need to do local keyword research to obtain search terms that will reach your target audience. Keep in mind that your target audience will be different from a target audience in a different state or even city. Copying another law firm’s SEO approach may not be effective and could have adverse results. A unique approach is required to reach as many potential clients in your target demographic as possible. Once you know how you stack up against your competitors, you can create actionable goals.

Concentrate on Local SEO

Your target audience lives in your backyard, so you want to attract their attention when they search. Your focus should be on content that will help you rank for relevant terms.

You also need to audit all online citations and ensure that your industry-specific listings are optimized. Yellow Pages, Yelp, Facebook, your Google Business Page, and LinkedIn profiles are all opportunities for your practice to shine. Managing citations and producing unique and engaging content can be overwhelming, but lawyer SEO is where Trendi Marketing excels.

Optimize Website, Content, and Code

Once you know your target SEO goals, you need to optimize your website to reflect them. Website optimization requires a mobile-friendly website that is fast and secure. Remember, 89% of Google search queries come from mobile devices, so you can expect users to be viewing your website on a mobile device. If your website is not easily viewable, you are losing potential clients.

Trendi Marketing can help with your website structure and code to increase your site’s SEO value. All web page content needs to be structured or restructured to make them more visible to search engine web browsers. Content plays a large role in the overall SEO ranking of any personal injury law firm. In addition to all other efforts, lawyer SEO marketing needs to focus heavily on creating strong website content that enhances user experience. Browsers also like visuals, incorporating videos, and infographics are great ways to embellish and strengthen your content.